Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

When I tell people I am a long-term member of Wealthy Affiliate, the conversation invariably turns as to whether affiliate marketing, let alone any company claiming to teach it, is legit. One would think that testifying longevity as is would be enough, but doubting Toms always want to hear more - as any reasonably skeptical person might. Here is what I tell them.

Adversity Invariably Brings Change

Five years ago I was at a low-point in my career: my boss had it in for me, our company had just been acquired, and everyone was on edge about their jobs. Soon thereafter the Global Financial Crisis brought the economy to its knees and the smell of fear was everywhere. I decided I needed to do something about my own circumstances before the world did something to me. It was then I made the full commitment to try affiliate marketing. I did a search and clicked on an affiliate marketing ad for a simple web business. Five years later that little business still makes money, thanks to the training I received at Wealthy Affiliate.

Is the Wealthy Affiliate Method Outdated?

It would be easy to dismiss that success as having been from training and strategies which were learned 5 years ago but that would be very naive thinking. The strategies and techniques which were en vogue back then simply don't work today. It is only those online entrepreneur programs which have kept up with the times that have continued to find success. Needless to say Wealthy Affiliate is one of the companies that have continuously evolved both their business model and their training curriculum in order to keep their members competitive in the affiliate marketing space. It is certainly legit for me to say that the changes at Wealthy Affiliate have continuously improved the results of their own business as well as the results of their members.

How WA Has Changed Over the Years

What sort of improvements might those be? For starters (literally), there is a zero-cost membership which gives a significant amount of training plus space for two businesses, as well as trial access to highly effective research tools. Premium members (is a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate worth it?) can host unlimited businesses online. Members chat and give each other advice 24 / 7. Advanced training tutorials guide the most novice web entrepreneur from choosing a business line to site structure and setup all the way through to customer development and retention.


Social Media Strategies for Businesses

Social Media is Crucial for Business Today - Click Image for Video Tutorials
Social Media is Crucial for Business Today - Click Image for Video Tutorials

Automating an online media marketing plan is crucial to making the most of any businesses one irreplaceable asset: time. Anyone that has done even a small amount of web-based networking knows that no one agrees that any one platform is best. Your customers have their own preferences and to stay in contact with them you need a strategy to reach each market.

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Easiest Internet Business to Start from Home

It's Easier and Cheaper Than Ever Before
It's Easier and Cheaper Than Ever Before

The easiest way to make money online more or less just fell into my lap. Now to be truthful I am not yet ready to retire but I have to say this business I found is the honest to God easiest business to setup and run I've ever seen... and I'm actually making money at it! It took about an hour to setup, and has taken a few weeks to kind of get the hang of how to properly advertise the business to make money... but I'll be darned - I'm already earnings positive in my first 30 days.

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Making Money Social Media Marketing

Using Social Networks to Make Money

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Driving Traffic to Your Sites - 3 Steps to Building Your First Email List 3584

Getting traffic to convert is ultimately where most internet marketing dreams go up in smoke. It may seem like getting traffic is simply a money problem but that isn't usually the case. The key to success for any internet marketing venture then is getting traffic to convert to sales or something of value.

Not All Visitors Buy Things - But They Are Still Consumers at Your Site
People with content online should be well aware of this already. The vast majority of visitors to a website do not buy things on their first or second visit. Internet usage began as a tool for researchers, only now more of them are consumers. Previously only technical papers and simple amusements were available online. These days virtually anyone can find what they're looking for online. It sometimes can be too easy to lose sight of the basic concept that people visit sites looking for information first - not a product. That is not to say they won't buy - for example they may simple want to know what colors you have to offer before selecting one.

Sales Are Not the Only Value Visitors Have to Offer
If someone wants to buy a guitar from your site might they browse first? No doubt of that, right? Visitors to a webpage that has valuable information to them will want to come back. The problem is that not everyone finds your site the same way. Do you want to leave it up to the search engines to direct them back to your page? It is much more likely visitors will return if you give them a way to create a path back to you.

Getting Traffic to Convert Requires Matching Visitors with the Right Offer
There are a lot of factors that go into whether a person makes a purchase at a given time. Many sites have specific tricks they use to enhance their chances of getting traffic to convert to a sale from their page. Among the more popular tricks are giveaways tied to an email address squeeze page. Getting traffic to convert becomes a matter of getting good at understanding the information your visitors are looking for and finding a way to extract at least some value (sale or email address) in exchange for that information.

There is more to internet marketing success than just driving traffic to your website. Click here to learn more about improving conversion rates.


Purchasing a Small Business Online - The Quick Way to Internet Success 9228

One path to internet success is purchasing a small business online. Many times small online businesses become available because successful web entrepreneurs don't wish to manage websites once they've been established.

Seasoned Domains a Plus for Purchasing a Small Business Online
An established website has a distinct advantage over a newly built one, namely that advantage of having been spidered / crawled by search engines numerous times. Credible backlinks from other reputable sites are created over time, the longer the history of the website, the more good links.

How to Extract More Value Out of an Existing Web Presence
Although existing sites may have the advantage of being throroughly crawled by search engines, many times the site design is poorly optimized for what ultimately became the existing content on the site. More often than not, a little tweak here and there and a couple of well placed backlinks can go a long way toward creating new value from long idle content. A little improvement of the quantity and or quality of traffic to a website can bring great financial gains at little to no cost or effort.

What to Do If Stuck with a Startup
Although it is easier to simply throw down some money and buy an existing internet property, there are many times when no existing properties are for sale. When there are no established sites for sale sometimes the next best alternative is to partner up with someone already in the space. That's where a good affiliate program can come in handy.

Purchasing a Small Business Using an Affiliate Program Template
Highly profitable web businesses many times will offer pre-made site templates to affiliates who sign up for their program. A highly attactive website to start out with can bring in early sales and learn to a quick payback on investment. An affiliate can then select the template that suits them and load the canned content to their hosting account. Once a sales or squeeze page is in place the job of internet marketing becomes a little simpler - getting traffic.

Multiple options to enter a market exist other than purchasing a small business domain including using an affiliate program. Affiliate programs and site templates can help generate instant value from sales given the professional looking content.

Getting Off to a Quick Start
Many beginner web marketers would do well to learn the steps to become a Wealthy Affiliate before spending a lot of money on scams and empty promises. See why WA is the best make money training site today.

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