Driving Traffic to Your Sites - 3 Steps to Building Your First Email List 3584

Getting traffic to convert is ultimately where most internet marketing dreams go up in smoke. It may seem like getting traffic is simply a money problem but that isn't usually the case. The key to success for any internet marketing venture then is getting traffic to convert to sales or something of value.

Not All Visitors Buy Things - But They Are Still Consumers at Your Site
People with content online should be well aware of this already. The vast majority of visitors to a website do not buy things on their first or second visit. Internet usage began as a tool for researchers, only now more of them are consumers. Previously only technical papers and simple amusements were available online. These days virtually anyone can find what they're looking for online. It sometimes can be too easy to lose sight of the basic concept that people visit sites looking for information first - not a product. That is not to say they won't buy - for example they may simple want to know what colors you have to offer before selecting one.

Sales Are Not the Only Value Visitors Have to Offer
If someone wants to buy a guitar from your site might they browse first? No doubt of that, right? Visitors to a webpage that has valuable information to them will want to come back. The problem is that not everyone finds your site the same way. Do you want to leave it up to the search engines to direct them back to your page? It is much more likely visitors will return if you give them a way to create a path back to you.

Getting Traffic to Convert Requires Matching Visitors with the Right Offer
There are a lot of factors that go into whether a person makes a purchase at a given time. Many sites have specific tricks they use to enhance their chances of getting traffic to convert to a sale from their page. Among the more popular tricks are giveaways tied to an email address squeeze page. Getting traffic to convert becomes a matter of getting good at understanding the information your visitors are looking for and finding a way to extract at least some value (sale or email address) in exchange for that information.

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