Social Media Strategies for Businesses

Social Media is Crucial for Business Today - Click Image for Video Tutorials
Social Media is Crucial for Business Today - Click Image for Video Tutorials

Automating an online media marketing plan is crucial to making the most of any businesses one irreplaceable asset: time. Anyone that has done even a small amount of web-based networking knows that no one agrees that any one platform is best. Your customers have their own preferences and to stay in contact with them you need a strategy to reach each market.

A Social Marketing Strategy Involving Twitter Facebook and MySpace

My Internet Story - 6 Years and Counting

I am now in my 6th year of online marketing, and even though the landscape has changed rather dramatically in that time-frame, the results of effort really have not. Take an idea and bring it to the world and if the idea has merit and the marketing effort is there, *someone* will agree with you and become your customer. It happens for me on some level every single day. There is always a new client, a new contact, a new sale, or a new signup somewhere in the numberless revenue streams I have created for myself. Am I retired? No. But on the other hand, I have something *positive* to look forward to in my business lines every single day. Not bad for a part-timer, eh?

Marketing Has Made My Life Better

Additional Income Increases Freedom and Enjoyment of Life


Whoever said, "Money can't buy happiness," really didn't know what they were talking about. No - of course money isn't everything - but it sure is nice to have the flexibility to buy a new car when I need to or go on an amazing vacation with my wife from time to time. I've even helped out friends and family with money issues.

All of these things I have been able to do because of the extra income I receive from my online businesses. No reason you can't succeed just as I have.

Twitter, MySpace or Facebook

Which Do YOUR Customers Use?

Updating Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter pages manually takes time. What do you do? Do you sacrifice exposure or do you work late nights to keep them all updated? Does this sound like too much for you? Look for the no-cost internet marketing for beginners course. See also how we automate a Facebook business plan.

Executing a business plan that reaches most of your clients requires a frequently updated presence on at LEAST three of the major platforms: MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. Different clients prefer different networks because of the different conveniences each provides. Extroverts tend to prefer Facebook. Musicians and artists tend to prefer MySpace. People always on the go prefer Twitter.

Top Titles in Social Marketing

Social Marketing Business Strategies

Reach the Most People with the Least Effort

So what does a business owner do to make a splash in social media marketing? Without fail any marketing plan will want to reach the largest audience with the least amount of time and money. Mercifully, the best parts of social networking sites are free - allowing free sign-ups and free communication (CRITICAL!). Putting together a comprehensive plan that reaches the big three (Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook) without hiring additional personnel or costing you late nights in front of the computer then is the real challenge. What challenges will you face in executing your plan?

Online Media Marketing in 2013

An Update on Changes in Social Media Marketing Platforms


The internet is in a constant state of change - is your social media marketing plan keeping pace with all the latest changes in social media platforms? Here's some updates to one plan made as a result of the landmark shifts in strategy needed in 2012.

How to Promote a Facebook Page

Short PDF to Help Increase Your Fans on Facebook


We have gotten a lot of requests for more information about how to promote Facebook page sites for businesses. We've responded by putting together a short, simple book that describes how to setup and promote Facebook pages. This book is complimentary with SNBP purchase.

Freshly Updated Content Is Key

Whatever Bells and Whistles You Put on Your Social Networking Pages - YOUR Goal Is to Get Fresh Content Out to ALL the Networks Advertising Your Business

Automating an Online Media Marketing Plan

See the Benefits of the Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham
See the Benefits of the Social Networking Business Plan with Onefineham

It is for these tough types of challenges I developed The Social Networking Business Plan. This inexpensive 47 page manual provides a step by step, picture by picture blue print for setting up the back-office that brings your fresh content to all the major social networks from one location. What that means is that you publish your content ONCE, and all your customers get the message wherever they choose to do their socializing online.

Learn more about The Social Networking Business Plan by visiting our Facebook Group and receive instructions on how to download no-cost fully functional office software and other internet marketing tips and resources.

The Social Networking Business Plan is NOT affiliated or associated with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or any other major social network.

What's Your Web Media Strategic Plan?

What Challenges Are You Facing?


Have you gotten your business up on the social networks? How long is it taking you to get your message out to your customers? Is your business growing?


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