Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

When I tell people I am a long-term member of Wealthy Affiliate, the conversation invariably turns as to whether affiliate marketing, let alone any company claiming to teach it, is legit. One would think that testifying longevity as is would be enough, but doubting Toms always want to hear more - as any reasonably skeptical person might. Here is what I tell them.

Adversity Invariably Brings Change

Five years ago I was at a low-point in my career: my boss had it in for me, our company had just been acquired, and everyone was on edge about their jobs. Soon thereafter the Global Financial Crisis brought the economy to its knees and the smell of fear was everywhere. I decided I needed to do something about my own circumstances before the world did something to me. It was then I made the full commitment to try affiliate marketing. I did a search and clicked on an affiliate marketing ad for a simple web business. Five years later that little business still makes money, thanks to the training I received at Wealthy Affiliate.

Is the Wealthy Affiliate Method Outdated?

It would be easy to dismiss that success as having been from training and strategies which were learned 5 years ago but that would be very naive thinking. The strategies and techniques which were en vogue back then simply don't work today. It is only those online entrepreneur programs which have kept up with the times that have continued to find success. Needless to say Wealthy Affiliate is one of the companies that have continuously evolved both their business model and their training curriculum in order to keep their members competitive in the affiliate marketing space. It is certainly legit for me to say that the changes at Wealthy Affiliate have continuously improved the results of their own business as well as the results of their members.

How WA Has Changed Over the Years

What sort of improvements might those be? For starters (literally), there is a zero-cost membership which gives a significant amount of training plus space for two businesses, as well as trial access to highly effective research tools. Premium members (is a premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate worth it?) can host unlimited businesses online. Members chat and give each other advice 24 / 7. Advanced training tutorials guide the most novice web entrepreneur from choosing a business line to site structure and setup all the way through to customer development and retention.

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